This Association Asks for Car Tax Incentives to be Extended to December

The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has asked the government to extend the sales tax exemption incentive on cars until December 2022. MAA President Aishah Ahmad said this year was a good opportunity to increase car sales and restore the automotive sector. To that end, he asked for an extended sales tax exemption incentive on cars. “The number of … Read more

Want to be a developed country, understand the meaning of taxes from an early age

One of the main factors in which a country can be said to be a developed country is if it has reliable and structured development in terms of social, political, economic, cultural, and technological aspects. How about Indonesia? Indonesia itself is still constrained in realizing its sustainable development so until now it is still categorized as … Read more

Technological Advances and Increased Tax Revenue

IN today’s modern life the boundaries between countries seem to be no longer needed. We can relate to each other in all areas of life with people in other countries without the need to meet, this is made possible by the rapid advances in technology which is commonly known as globalization. People can interact across national … Read more

Legal Certainty and Simplicity of Tax Administration Increase Investors Investing in Indonesia

The Importance of Legal Certainty for Investors Tax law certainty needs to be maintained and improved. Legal certainty is one of the main factors for investors in determining the country of an investment destination. Legal certainty is not only a concern for foreign investors but also a concern for domestic investors. With the certainty that … Read more

Questioning the Obligations of Corporate Income Tax in the Name of Joint Operations

My article with the title Uncertainty over the Tax Treatment of Joint Operations (JO) in the Construction Business Sector which was published in the ORTax media thirteen years ago, on 27 July 2007 to be exact, concluded that JO’s tax treatment was carried out through several affirmation letters issued by the Director-General (Dirjen) Taxes are not … Read more

Dynamics of VAT Treatment on Agricultural Products in Indonesia

Collection of VAT on the delivery of agricultural products is an area that requires special attention and must be done carefully. The agricultural sector here includes agriculture, plantations, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, hunting, and captivity. Particularity and prudence are needed in collecting VAT because agriculture involves the livelihood of many people and many activities are … Read more