Deadline Gone, Haven’t Reported Annual Tax Return? Watch This Risk

interest penalties are at risk of being imposed on taxpayers who are late in submitting their Annual Income Tax Return (SPT). The topic became one of the national media discussions today, Wednesday (11/5/2022).

The Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) recorded a total of 12.76 million annual SPTs submitted up to April 30, 2022. With a total of 19 million taxpayers required to submit annual tax returns, the formal compliance ratio as of April 30, 2022, has only reached 67.18%.

The risk of imposition of interest sanctions arises if there is a lack of payment of the tax owed. By Article 9 paragraph (2) of the Law on General Provisions and Tax Procedures ( UU KUP ), the shortfall owed based on the Annual Income Tax Return must be paid in full before the SPT PPh is submitted.

“On payment or deposit of tax … which is made after the due date for submitting the Annual SPT, an administrative sanction in the form of interest is imposed at the interest rate per month determined by the minister of finance,” reads a fragment of Article 9 paragraph (2b).

Interest is calculated starting from the end of the deadline for submitting the Annual SPT until payment. The administrative sanction in the form of interest is imposed for a maximum of 24 months and part of the month is calculated as 1 month in full.

The interest rate per month determined by the minister of finance is calculated based on the reference interest rate plus 5% and divided by 12, which is effective on the date of commencement of the calculation of sanctions. Check out the development of interest rates per month.

In addition to the annual SPT reporting, there is a discussion about the issuance of a presidential regulation (Perpres) on functional allowances for tax instructors and tax instructor assistants. There is also a discussion about candidates for Supreme Court Justices (CHA) for special tax administration (TUN) who have passed the interview selection.

Here’s the full news review.

Annual SPT Report

Director of Counseling, Services, and Public Relations of DJP Neilmaldrin Noor said that the annual corporate tax return received by 30 April 2022 reached 887,762. With the number of corporate taxpayers required to report Annual SPT reaching 1.65 million, the formal compliance ratio is only 53.72%.

Then, the number of annual tax returns submitted by individual taxpayers until April 30, 2022, reached 11.87 million. With the number of individual taxpayers who are required to SPT as many as 17.35 million people, the formal compliance of individual taxpayers reaches 68.46%.

Tax Counselor and Tax Counsel Assistant Allowance

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has issued a new regulation regarding the allowances for the functional position of tax instructor. The regulation in question is Presidential Regulation (Perpres) 79/2022. Check out the breakdown of the value of the allowance.

Jokowi also released a new regulation related to the functional allowance for assistant tax instructors. The regulation in question is Perpres 80/2022. See a breakdown of the value of the tax assistant’s allowance.

The tax instructor allowance and the tax assistant allowance are provided every month. The provision of allowances for tax instructors and tax extension assistants for civil servants (PNS) who work for central agencies is sourced from the APBN.

The Judicial Commission announced 2 tax-specific CHA TUNs that passed the interview. The two are Cerah Bangun and Triyono Martanto. The names of the two tax-specific CHA TUNs have been submitted to the DPR through a letter addressed to the leadership of the DPR and the leadership of Commission III of the DPR.

“All the selection processes at KY have been declared complete, the next process will run at the DPR RI,” said KY Spokesperson Miko Ginting. ( DDTCNews )

PPS Service Satisfaction Survey

DGT conducted a service satisfaction survey of the voluntary disclosure program (PPS). The survey is aimed at taxpayers who take part in PPS. The program which is mandated by the Law (UU) on the Harmonization of Tax Regulations (HPP) is still ongoing until June 30, 2022.

Tax Incentives for MSMEs

Vice President Maruf Amin asked the governors to provide support to support the development of MSMEs in their regions. Maruf said that one of the support for MSMEs can be done through the provision of tax incentives.

“[Regional heads must] demonstrate a commitment to siding with MSMEs to accelerate national economic recovery, among others through the provision of loan interest subsidies, credit restructuring, provision of working capital, tax incentives, and strengthening digital technology for MSMEs,” he said at the National Working Meeting of the Association of Provincial Governments. All of Indonesia (APPSI).

PEN Budget Absorption

The government noted that the national economic recovery program (PEN) budget that had been absorbed until April 28, 2022, reached Rp70.37 trillion. Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto said the realization was equivalent to 15.4% of the Rp455.62 trillion budget allocation.

The budget realization for the economic strengthening cluster has reached Rp9.22 trillion or 5.2% of the Rp178.32 trillion ceiling. The realization of the PEN funds includes tax incentives. ( DDTCNews ) (kaw)

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